Set of icons used to identify two different types of Logic of English training options: online or in-person.

Self-Guided Online Courses and In-Person Training With Small Group Practice

Logic of English provides professional development opportunities for all teachers. These interactive trainings contain resources, engaging activities and tools that you can easily implement in your classroom!

Expand Your Literacy Knowledge With Training Based on the Science of Reading!

I am now more prepared to offer a better education to my students. I feel so empowered and confident. Thank you so much!

Charter School Teacher, Foundations Track

Video-Based Teacher Trainings for Anyone Wanting To Teach SOR

Master Teacher Training attendee from 2019, Shannon Hodgson

"I can't wait to take back what I've learned and start implementing it in my 1st/2nd grade classroom immediately! I'm also excited to use the knowledge I've gained to offer a summer reading crash course for older struggling readers."

Shannon Hodgson

Bring Effective Teaching Practices to Your Classroom!